[ENG] Presentation of this website

Un petit message pour présenter ce site intenet, me permettant de sauvegarder et de partager mes travaux dans le domaine de l'arcade et des flippers, mais également de proposer mes créations disponibles à la vente
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[ENG] Presentation of this website

Message par XingoTHX » sam. août 05, 2023 10:55 am

hello everyone, my first name is david, a fan of arcades and pinball machines for many years. My nickname on the forums is XingoTHX.

My personal account on Facebook is David MUSHIHIMESAMA (private account, I do not accept any invitations).

My Facebook page linked to this website is: https://www.facebook.com/xingothx, where you can follow me and subscribe If you want to be informed in real time when a new WIP is published, a new Tutorial, a new news, a new creation offered for sale, or to contact me


Welcome to all on this website which aims to:

1/ Present my creations in the arcade/pinball and offer them for sale in the section:

Boutique des items en vente/shop for items on sale

2/ Store, preserve and share all my works (Wips) in the field of arcade and pinball, as well as their thousands of associated photos.

All my restoration work Arcade/flippers (Wips), Tutorials, Roadtrips , etc...

Although this site looks like a forum, it is not. No posting of comments is possible. No registration is required.

You can contact me:

- On my Facebook page Xingothx's wip: https://www.facebook.com/xingothx
- Via Messenger: David MUSHIHIMESAMA
- By Mail: Xinartshoparcade@outlook.fr

This Facebook Page formula associated with this storage forum has been a great success since January 2019, thanks to you.

Happy reading and looking forward to discussing with you.


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